Thursday, June 10, 2004

Anti-americanism in sports?

I have no idea, but still...

Iban Mayo on Lance Armstrong:

"Euskaltel-Euskadi rider Iban Mayo has spoken up in defence of Lance Armstrong in the wake of an article published by Le Monde recently, that alleged Lance Armstrong suspected Spanish riders of using illegal blood boosting products. 'We believe Lance,' Mayo was quoted by Sporza as saying. 'We know that Le Monde has pursued him for five years with all sorts of untrue stories. It was also the newspaper that wrote in 1999 that he used forbidden products. But they forgot to say that he had a medical certificate for them.'"

And by the way, the Tour starts July 3rd. This blog will probably become a Tour de France-blog then. If I have a go right now predicting which riders who will compete for the yellow jersey, I'll have to be boring and say Iban Mayo, Lance Armstrong and perhaps Jan Ullrich.