Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Denmark - Sweden 2 - 2

A result that the Italians dreaded and have been the topic the last couple of days. If the Scandinavian derby ended 2-2, it would mean that Italy, always a favorite to win tournaments like Euro 2004, wouldn't be playing in the quarter finals.

Denmark started best, the Swedish midfielders allowed Thomas Gravesen to be a dominant force, and quite fair, the Danes got to the lead after a lovely strike by Tomasson. This woke the Swedes up, playing more consistently on the opponents side but didn't get closer than a header from Mellberg hitting the post.

Sweden received an early penalty in the second half when the Danish goalie Sorenson tripped Henrik Larsson. Larsson scored and the teams played evenly for 20 minutes when Tomasson yet again managed to put the ball to the net. This virtually paralyzed the Swedes and Denmark were closer to get the third than Sweden their second.

But just before full time, in the 89th minute, Sweden scored the equalizer when Mattias Jonsson (who normally plays in the Danish top division) got the chance. On stoppage time, none of teams wanted to risk anything and the Swedes killed the time.

My Man of the Match: Jon Dahl Tomasson.

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