Sunday, June 13, 2004

France - England 2 - 1

What a weird match. It looked like Svennis' team would win until the Liverpooler Emile Heskey on stoppage time made a bad decision and caused a free kick just outside the box. A brilliant shot from Zidane equalized England's lead from the first half, a nice header from Frank Lampard.

But that wasn't enough, a minute later fellow Liverpooler Steven Gerrard made an even worse decision passing the ball back to the English keeper David James. The ball was intercepted by Thierry Henry who was brought to the ground by James when he tried to pass him. Zidane, just seconds before full time, sealed the ball to the net on the penalty that followed. Now, if only David Beckham had done the same thing with his 20 minutes earlier, the result probably would have gone in England's direction.

My Man of the Match: Actually two, Ledley King and Zinedine Zidane.