Saturday, June 19, 2004

Heartland President Addresses Common-Sense Environmentalism

The Heartland Institute - Heartland President Addresses Common-Sense Environmentalism - by Joseph L. Bast:

My message to libertarians is this:

*Don't be shy about saying you are an environmentalist. Don't let them call you an "anti-environmentalist" or a "right-wing environmentalist." We are the mainstream now. We're not knocking on the door asking for permission to join the movement; we've been here all along. They are the small alien band of ideologues who hijacked the movement in the 1960s, and we have put up with their anti-technology, anti-logging, anti-farming, anti-car, anti-capitalism, and anti-freedom rhetoric long enough. It's time they left the room.

*Tell people you are part of a new generation of environmentalists, a generation that relies on sound science instead of scare tactics and markets instead of government force.

*Freedom is not incompatible with a healthy environment. Without freedom, a health environment cannot be protected.

*And finally, if you know someone who is still a member of the Sierra Club, tell him tear up his membership card and become a member of The Heartland Institute instead.

Bast also mentions this book, Eco-Sanity: A Common-Sense Guide to Environmentalism.

Thanks to the Commons for the pointer.