Thursday, August 12, 2004

In the news today

The media reports on Sweden's population today. More precisely that Sweden reached the 9 million mark. Well, at least the prognosis told Statistics Sweden that it would happen today. What is more interesting is that China's population increases by 12 million people every year, thats 33 percent more than Sweden's whole population. In India the population increases by 18 million every year, two times Sweden's population. So really, what's the deal?

Another issue is that EU's "President-designate of the European Commission", José Manuel Barroso, unveiled his team. One of five Vice-Presidents is Sweden's Margot Wallström. Do I have to mention that Wallström is a social democrat? Well, most of the politicians in Europe is social democrats, more or less, but at least Wallström is a card carrying social democrat. So, all quiet on the Bruxelles front.

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports that Jon Lech Johansen, a man who a couple of years ago cracked the DVD-code, was acquitted two days ago.

In Finland they have just realized that the Premier Minister Matti Vanhanen is the son of the political scientist Tatu Vanhanen. The father's research is not very politcally correct (I hate that description, but I use it here anyway), one of the books he has co-authored is IQ and the Wealth of Nations. You might guess what his theory is yourself. According to Helsingin Sanomat, Tatu Vanhanen said that "[w]hereas the average IQ of Finns is 97, in Africa it is between 60 and 70. Differences in intelligence are the most significant factor in explaining poverty." I don't agree.